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Life Coaching is not the same as therapy, although the two are similar in some ways. One way in which they are alike is that in making the decision regarding a psychologist for treatment of a emotional disorder or whether seeking a life coach to guide you through the process of reaching important goals, you should consider that individual's training and credentials. Dr. McBee, a doctoral level professional who obtained over 12 years of training in human behavior.

You do not have to be experiencing significant stress or conflict to benefit from having a life coach.  You may be approaching a key moment of your life (such as changing careers, planning to marry, or retiring) and want help in removing roadblocks, putting your plans in place, monitoring the execution of these plans, reviewing your progress, and setting new goals as previously set goals are achieved. If you have a history of failures in the past, a life coach can help you to understand what went wrong, what behaviors you need to avoid or alter, and what behaviors you need to nurture.

In short, a life coach helps the client to articulate their needs and desires into solid concrete terms and realistic goals. Clearly, this is a collaborative and active process, requiring a significant commitment and considerable effort from you.  An individual may have personal or career-oriented goals to achieve. It may be that you wish to:

  • Work toward career advancement or into a new position.

  • Review past goal attempts and set realistic targets.

  • Become comfortable in speaking before the public.

  • Break negative interpersonal habits and create more fulfilling relationships.

  • Create the life you want to follow your passions, priorities, and talents.

  • Set and achieve proactive, powerful goals rather than just reacting to life.

  • Stop self-defeating behaviors.


Where do you start ?

Sit down and think about what you see as your ideal life or life situation.  Not what you think it should be, but what you wish it to be. You and your life coach will take those ideas and work toward articulating them clearly, developing them into realistic goals, and working together to take the intermediate steps, incrementally to reaching the stated goal(s).

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